Expression Vectors

CSB plasmids are freely available to Vanderbilt researchers. Contact Heather Darling for more information. The links below are restricted to access from Vanderbilt only.

Single Gene Expression in E. coli:

NT Tag(s) Protease Cleavage Site CT Tag(s) Resistance Vector
GST TEV His8 Kan pAT110
3C/PreScission His8 Kan pAT109
His6 Thrombin HSV•His6 Kan pSV277
TEV HSV•His6 Kan pSV281
3C/PreScission HSV•His6 Kan pBG100*
His6 Amp pHD116*
His10 Thrombin His8Kan pNR114*
TEV His8 Kan pNR111*
3C/PreScission His8 Kan pBG106*
His•GST TEV HSV•His6 Kan pBG105*
3C/PreScission HSV•His6 Kan pBG101*
His•MBP Thrombin HSV•His6 Kan pSV278*
TEV HSV•His6 Kan pSV282*
3C/PreScission HSV•His6 Kan pLM302*
His•SUMO TEV HSV•His6 Kan pHD115*
3C/PreScission HSV•His6 Kan pBG102*
Ulp1 HSV•His6 Kan pBG104*
MBP TEV His8 Kan pAT108
3C/PreScission His8 Kan pAT107
Trx•His TEV His6 Amp pNR113
3C/PreScission HSV•His6 Kan pLM304
His6 Amp pNR112
*An anti-His antibody to the HHHHHHGSS sequence encoded by this vector is sold through the Molecular Biology Core.

Multiple Gene Expression:

Membrane/Toxic Protein Expression

Recombinant Protease Expression:


Sequencing Primers