EF-Hand CaBP Data
Library Sequence Information

Multiple Sequence Alignments for EF-Hand Calcium-Binding Proteins

Alignemnts were generated with CLUSTALW. Please read about how they were constructed to determine if they suit your needs.

Alignment of the calbindin D28k/calretinin subfamily
Alignment of calcineurin B
Alignment of the calpain subfamily
Alignment of the calmodulin subfamily
Alignment of the neuronal calcium sensors subfamily
Alignment of parvalbumins
Alignment of the S100 subfamily
Alignment of sarcoplasmic calcium-binding proteins
Alignment of SPARC/BM-40
Alignment of spectrin alpha chains
Alignment of centrins

An alignment of one sequence for each protein in the data library, with the proteins split into 2 EF-hand containing domains (or subdomains) is also available.

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