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Leah Oswalt awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
SOM Basic Sciences story on 2024 NSMB paper
New NSF grant on interstrand crosslink repair and antibiotic self-resistance

Noah Bradley wins Vanderbilt Ferguson Award from the Graduate School
Evolution@Vanderbilt story on mBio publication
Professor Eichman elected as AAAS Fellow

Noah Bradley wins Karpay Award from the Center for Structural Biology

Katherine Amidon awarded NIH F31 predoctoral fellowship
Katherine named Vanderbilt Prize Student Scholar (VUMC reporter, July 2020)
New NIH grant to study the DNA replication-repair interface
Noah's NAR Breakthrough and Cover Article
Eichman honored with Biochemical Society International Award

New NIH grant on interstrand crosslink repair
New NSF grant on bacterial secondary metabolites
VUMC Reporter, July 2019
VICB Discovery, June 2019

Endowed Chair Celebration, MyVU
Former PhD student Sonja Brooks Fulmer featured on Beyond the Lab
Alyssa Rodriguez and Noah Bradley awarded NSF graduate fellowships

Vanderbilt Reporter, Aug 2017
VICB Discovery, Aug 2017
Elwood named VICC Postdoc of the year
Vanderbilt Reporter, Apr 2017
VICB Discovery, Apr 2017
SBGrid Member Tales

VICB Discovery, Sept 2016
NIH postdoctoral fellowship to Dr. Parsons
New NIH grant to study replication fork repair
Vanderbilt Reporter, April 2016

Vanderbilt Most Popular Research Stories of 2015
VICB Discovery, November 2015
Research News@Vanderbilt, October 2015
VICB Discovery, July 2015
Vanderbilt Reporter, July 2015
NSF grant renewed for 4 years

Vanderbilt Reporter, May 2014
Lyla Kotsch selected for VU Summer Research Program

Prof. Eichman joins the Faculty of 1000
Claire Cato speaks at national Beckman Scholar symposium

Dr. Aaron Mason awarded 3-year American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship
Undergraduate Claire Cato named Dean's Beckman Scholar, 2012-14
Undergraduate Michael Pritchett receives VUSRP Scholarship, 2012

Vanderbilt Chancellor's Award for Research to Professor Eichman
New NSF grant to investigate DNA processing
New NIH grant with Manel Camps (UCSC) to study alkyl-DNA repair

Argonne National Laboratory, Dec 2010
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Momentum, Dec 2010
Vanderbilt Exploration, Oct 2010
Vanderbilt Reporter, Oct 2010
Vanderbilt Reporter, Aug 2010

Sigma Xi Young Investigator Award:
• ASBMB Today, March 2009
• The Vanderbilt Hustler, Feb 2, 2009
• Research News@Vanderbilt, Jan 29, 2009
Vanderbilt Reporter, Feb 2009

Vanderbilt Exploration, Dec 2008
Vanderbilt Reporter, Oct 2008

VICC Momentum Magazine, Summer 2007
Vanderbilt Reporter, May 2007

Featured Article

A mechanistic model of primer synthesis from catalytic structures of DNA polymerase α–primase. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 31: 777-790

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Leah Oswalt awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Article highlighting Elwood's work on polα–primase

New NSF grant to work on bacterial DNA glycosylases involved in interstrand crosslink repair and antibiotic self-resistance

Noah receives the 2022 Edward Ferguson Jr. Graduate Award from the Graduate School

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