The Cryo-EM facility (V-CEM) is a shared resource of the Center for Structural Biology (CSB). All users share responsibility for careful, error-free usage of the microscopes and other equipment in the facility. Usage of the facility can be obtained as an V-CEM certified microscopist or via the facility staff. All microscopists must be either trained V-CEM microscopy personnel or certified by the manager.All usage must be logged and authorized.

Morgagni training

The Morgagni training is a one session of ~2-3 h. One can combine the Morgagni training with negative stain sample prep and grid prep training. If so, the grid prep will take 3 sessions of ~1h each that need to be at least one day apart from each other. The negative stain sample prep is ~1h long.
The Morgagni training is mandatory to gain Morgagni access.

F20 training

The F20 training is 3 session of 1/2 to full day. On the first day the user will go over with V-CEM staff, step by step, the full protocol of the F20 "user manual". On the second session the user will execute the "user manual" by himself with V-CEM staff near him for troubleshoot and question. On the last session the user would be all by himself to operate the microscope from start to end. V-CEM staff would be on the facility for any question or problem.
The F20 training is mandatory to gain F20 access.

Polara training

Due to the sensitivity of mounting and changing the Polara samples, this step will be done only by the V-CEM staff. The users train will included LN2 filling, Align the microscope and data collection. Because the Polara data collection session are 24h it is advisable that more then one poeple from the lab will be trained.
The Polara training is mandatory to gain Polara access and should come after completing F20 training.

SerialEM training

SrerialEM training 1-2 sessin
The SerialEM training is not mandatory to work on either the F20 or the Polara.