Introduction to Linux/UNIX and A very brief command list for linux.

Software tools for Image processing

All software needed for EM analysis is available on CSB computers using the SBGrid.

For full data set processing you will need to use the ACCRE cluster, so it is a good idea to open an account if you don't have one.

WikiBook on Software Tools For Molecular Microscopy.

EM Suite for Starting (with workflow)

Relion and brief manual


scipion. Cross-software GUI wrapper (work with Xmipp, Relion, EMAN2 and more).


This is a list of available scripts that have been written by V-CEM users. You can use\edit them freely just make sure you know what you are doing.
The scripts can be found in the V-CEM only section.
The use is your own responsibility!!!

Scripts list

ACCRE Scripts list