Usage policy

1. Access to the microscope and other facility equipment can be obtained through reservation (Qreserve).

2. The FEI engineer has the priority to reserve time for service purpose. He is allowed to cancel reservations of any user.

3. Cancellation of reserved sessions must be made in advance (at least two hours for Morgagni and a day for F20/Polara) or the users will still be charged for the time they reserved.

4. A reservation which is not taken in an hour would be cancelled and be available to other users.

5. To prevent users, who does not use the microscope frequently, from causing damage to the microscope, any user that has been inactive for 3 months will have to schedule a mandatory refresher training.

6. Report any problem encountered when running the microscope in the log book. Notify a facility manager ASAP if the problem is serious (e.g., vacuum crashed, computer corrupted).

7. The file storage computer in the EM Facility (F20 and Polara) is only for transferring processing and temporarily storing experimental results. Users are requested to remove their data from the computer ASAP. Data older than two months will be deleted by the facility managers without notifying the owners.

8. All users are responsible for their own TEM specimens. Specimens left in a specimen holder will be discarded by the next user.

How to book time on the Polara