Cover Art. Structural studies of Mcm10, a component of the vertebrate replisome.

Cover Art. TIBS review on new DNA repair mechanisms.

Mcm10 coiled-coil domain. From Xenopus laevis Mcm10, a protein involved in eukaryotic DNA replication

Mcm10 DNA-binding domain. Xenopus laevis Mcm10 OB-fold and Zn-finger domain

Mcm10-DNA complex. Xenopus laevis Mcm10 internal domain bound to single-stranded DNA.

Mcm10 C-terminal domain. NMR structure of the zinc-ribbon domain of Xenopus laevis Mcm10

Human pol α-primase p58 iron-sulfur cluster domain. DNA polymerase involved in lagging strand synthesis.

SMARCAL1 HARP domain. Substrate specificity domain of mouse SMARCAL1, involved in repair of stalled replication forks

HLTF HIRAN domain. Specific for DNA 3′-ends, the HIRAN domain is critical for replication fork reversal by HLTF.

YedK. Covalent protein-DNA crosslink between a SRAP domain and abasic-DNA

AlkC. HEAT-like repeat 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase bound to abasic-DNA

AlkD. Bacillus cerus 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase (AlkD)

AlkD-DNA complex. Non-catalytic complex of AlkD bound to DNA mismatches.

AlkD-DNA catalytic complex. The protein caught in the act of excising 3mA

AlkD-Yatakemycin-DNA complex. AlkD excising a DNA adduct of the bulky, genotoxic agent from the duocarmycin/CC-1065 family of natural products.

AlkD2.An AlkD homolog from Streptococcus mutans that lacks DNA glycosylase activity.

AlkZ. DNA glycosylase that unhooks DNA interstrand crosslinks of the toxin azinomycin B.

Mag1.S.pombe 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase bound to damaged DNA.

Mag2. Non-catalytic complex of an S.pombe Mag paralog bound to damaged DNA.

TAG-DNA complex. Salmonella typhi 3-methyladenine (3mA) DNA glycosylase I bound to abasic-DNA and 3mA.

AidB. Non-DNA-repair protein involved in the adaptive response of bacteria to alkylating agents.