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How to contribute to our pages

If you have information, additions, corrections or whatever to contribute to our web pages - mainly the wisdom area and your home page - and are a member of our group, this is how to do it:

First a word about directory structure

Creating/editing HTML

We generally have three HTML editors available to edit or create a page. The first two are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), the third is a text editor that knows all about HTML.

To create a new page, open template.html, save as some new file and go from there. If you'd like to create a page like one you've seen on the net, download that page as source, load it into an HTML editor and edit to taste. (You may need to download images on that page separately). Save your work into the appropriate area with some reasonable file name.


Date and sign your page. At the bottom of the page add the creation date and/or date of last revision, add your name and include a link from your name to mailto:<yourID> When clicked on this fires up a mailer with your address preloaded. Also, check your spelling. You are publishing a document that may be viewed by thousands of people all over the world, so don't embarrass yourself.

Make sure your <IMG> tags contain width and height attributes as well as an alternative text description. Most modern HTML editors will add these tags, but if you use vi (not recommended) please add them yourself. Pages will load much faster that way and you help surfers with text-only browsers (like search engines, for example). The syntax is like this: <IMG SRC="cover2.jpg" ALT="Cover of Nature Structural Biology, Sept. 1995" WIDTH="337" HEIGHT="291"> with width and height in pixels. Imginfo on SGIs will tell you these values.
For more really good tips on sound web design, see 100 Things you Can do Right Now To Make Your Web Site Better and SUN's Guide to Web Style.

Webmagic, cosmocreate and Composer display a page almost as it will look in netscape, but links don't work, of course. To really check what you've accomplished (please verify those links!), load the page into netscape. The URL will be<file>.html Better still, Netmechanic lets you thoroughly check your page(s) and its links.

Please let me know of changes and additions you've made so that I can maintain my illusion of knowing what's going on and - more importantly - update other relevant pages with links and information to round out things.

Note that everything is immediately live and available to everyone, provided that they know the URL or that there is a link from existing pages.

More information:
Image preparation for web pages
Access restriction

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