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About the Chazin wisdom pages

Our 'wisdom' pages are the web equivalent of memos and handouts of old. They serve to capture and pass on our cumulative know-how. Being live on the web means that our accumulated knowledge is preserved in a format that's easily read, printed, changed and updated, in short, that it is more alive than previous attempts of reaching the same goal. In addition, electronic collections are searchable (great for digging up badly indexed facts), they can be shared with the world at large (we are scientists and thus part of a culture where sharing is still a virtue) and web-based collections of data can be accessed from the very computers that we use every day.

Disclaimer: We believe that all information contained in our pages is accurate, but we cannot guarantee anything. Basically, check the date on the bottom of the page. The older, the less reliable.

Some of the information on our server cannot be shared with the world at large. Reasons for this include unpublished data, private or confidential information and a host of other things. Therefore you may come across pages where you get an 'access denied' message. We're sorry about the inconvenience. If you believe there was no reason to exclude you, please contact the site manager.

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