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An Introductory Workshop to the Rosetta Protein Modeling Suite

November 12-15, 2013
(Tuesday afternoon to Friday morning)

Workshop Goals

The goal of the workshop is to educate and train academic and industry users on the Rosetta Software suite. Rosetta is freely distributed to the academic community by RosettaCommons. Industry usage includes licensing fees that support research and development of Rosetta software. The workshop will be catered towards attendees' needs. Time is allocated to address research questions presented by attendees. Computers equiped with Rosetta software and related analysis scripts/tools will be provided for each registrant. The registration fee is $200 for academic/nonprofit participants and $500 for industry participants. Transportation and hotel reservation is not covered. Join the Meiler Lab for our third semi-annual Rosetta Workshop!

ROSETTA Software

ROSETTA is a unified software package for protein structure prediction and functional design. It has been used to predict protein structures with and without the aid of sparse experimental data, perform protein-protein and protein-small molecule docking, design novel proteins and redesign existing proteins for altered function. ROSETTA allows for rapid tests of hypotheses in biomedical research which would be impossible or exorbitantly expensive to perform via traditional experimental methods. Thereby, ROSETTA methods are becoming increasingly important in the interpretation of biological findings, e.g., from genome projects and in the engineering of therapeutics, probe molecules and model systems in biomedical research (Kaufmann, K. W.; Lemmon, G. H.; Deluca, S. L.; Sheehan, J. H.; Meiler, J. "Practically Useful: What the Rosetta Protein Modeling Suite Can Do for You" Biochemistry 2010.)