Home Pages for Individual Residues in the EF-Hand Consensus Sequence

This is a clickable image map. Click on the blue letters to see the pages for individual residues in the consensus sequence, which include information about mutations made at that site in various proteins. Click on the red words to see a description of each portion of the domain.

These pages can also be accessed from the all-protein sequence alignment.

EF-Hand Motif Map

The blue letters indicate the consensus sequence for the EF-hands. Click on a letter to see the information stored for that position in the consensus sequence.
Legend: E = glutamate; n = hydrophobic residue; * = any residue; X = first calcium ligand; Y = second calcium ligand; Z = third calcium ligand; G = glycine; # = fourth calcium ligand, provided by a backbone carbonyl; I = isoleucine (although other aliphatic residues are also found at this position); -X = fifth calcium ligand; -Z = sixth and seventh calcium ligands, provided by a bidentate glutamate or aspartate residue.

The red words describe regions of the consensus sequence. Click on them to learn more about each region.

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