MD Display Version 3.0

A Multi-platform 3D Stereo Molecular Dynamics Trajectory Visualization Package

MD Display Main Screen

by Chris Moth, Tim Callahan, Eric Swanson, and Terry Lybrand

Copyright © 2002 by
Chris Moth and Terry Lybrand

News #1 MD Display ?3.1? is available. It supports .netcdf file formats and visualization of huge trajectories. Email me for a copy, and let me know your basic hardware and OS configuration...

News #2 MD Display works with freeglut available with Centos and Redhat distributions. You only need to "yum install freeglut" and "yum install freeglut-devel" before attempting to build mddisplay.

Get MDDisplay.pdf manual (approx 2MB)

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For installation help, or any other inquries, please send email to Chris Moth at: