MD Display Download Page

Source and Make Files

All source code and makefiles are provided here in both zip and tar mddisplay.tar.gz formats.   Download either of these links, and expand the archive.  Start by reading the short readme.txt file which explains the overall build process and introduces the platform-specific makefiles for Linux, IRIX(TM), Windows(TM), OS/X(TM), OSF/Tru64(TM), and IRIX(TM).

The source code consists of five .c and .h files and compiles very quickly.  If you have trouble building it on your system, let me know via email to

Executable Files

In case you prefer not to build binaries from source code yourself, I have built a few binary executables and posted them below.

Scroll down to your preferred platform and right click on the link to download the required executable files.

If you would like me to post binary files for alternate platforms, or need any assistance, please email me at

SGI Irix 32 bit, R10K CPU or higher, legacy stereo

Download sgi32.tar to your directory of binaries.  Use the command:

    tar xvf sgi32.tar

to extract the preproc and display executable files.  You'll also need libglut.a from the SGI freeware collection.  Email me if this is

(Debian) Linux for Intel

Download intel.tar  to your binaries directory and type

    tar xvf intel.tar

to extract the preproc and display executable files. You will need libglut.a, which is best installed from an RPM supplied by your linux vendor.
Email me if you need assistance.

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Download to your installation directory.

Extract the files preproc.exe, display.exe, and glut32.dll.  If you have a newer version of Windows, you can extract the .ZIP file contents automatically from Explorer.

If you have an older versions of Windows, you can download pkzip from PKWare

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