jaZip for Linux Version 0.34

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jaZip is a FREE program for maintaing your Iomega Zip and/or Jaz drive(s) and disks under Linux. This program combines Grant Guenther's original command line utility, ziptool, with Jaz drive support, a nice X interface and additional utilities to allow users to easily mount and unmount disks. The interface is based on version 0.88 of the XForms library.

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Current jaZip users: download the new icons for identifying jaZip in your window manager.

Features in version 0.34:

Notes for people upgrading to 0.34:

Go to the download page and grab yourself a copy.

Here's a screen shot of the program monitoring a Jaz drive...

a screen shot of the program monitoring a Zip drive...

and the help window (running with the Zip drive)...

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