Rosetta Antibody Workshop - April 24-28th, 2017

Preparing for the Workshop

UNIX Operating Systems

Workshop participants are expected to be familiar with UNIX-like operating systems. Before the workshop, please review the following resources:

For those who wish to improve their UNIX usage skills, there is an optional "Introduction to Linux" session the first evening.

Scripting Languages

Rosetta users often prepare input files and analyze Rosetta output models using scripts written in Python. We recommend familiarizing yourself with Python:

Molecular Visualization Tools

You will also need a tool to visualize biomolecular structures. We will assume the use of PyMOL, but you can use any of the tools below:

Rosetta Resources

For the tutorials, we will provide computers which have Rosetta already installed and ready to run.

However, if you wish to also install Rosetta on your own computer, you can obtain a license and download Rosetta from the RosettaCommons website. (Note that Rosetta does not run natively on Windows systems.)

You can learn more about Rosetta using these resources:

The tutorials are based on on the following papers:

Additional demos can be found here, or in the demos directory of the Rosetta download.