Rosetta Antibody Workshop - April 24-27th, 2016


  1. Airport Transportation
  2. Driving Directions
  3. Suggested Parking
  4. Workshop Location

Airport Transportation

For those arriving by plane, we recommend flying through the Nashville International Airport (BNA).

See the Nashville International Airport Ground Transportation page for an extensive list of ground transportation options.from the airport.

All major car rental companies have offices at the airport.

Alternatively, there is an airport shuttle service available to the Vanderbilt area from Jarmon Transportation. The fares are $14.00 for one way and $25.00 round trip. Shuttles leave the airport about every 15-20 minutes. 24 hour advanced reservations are needed for trips headed to the airport. Please refer to the information online or call the company for more information (615-275-0146). Depending on the number of pick-ups and drop-offs, the ride will take about 30 min to Vanderbilt or the Embassy Suites.

A cab ride from the airport runs about $20-30 and takes about 15 min, depending on the traffic.

Both Uber and Lyft operate in the Nashville area.

Driving Directions to Vanderbilt

(The following three links connect to the same official Vanderbilt site. Use the browser's back button to return to this page.)

Vanderbilt Address:

(For general GPS/mapping purposes: not the precise location of the workshop.)

Vanderbilt University
1225 Stevenson Center Ln
Nashville, TN, 37232
(615) 322-7311

Suggested Parking

For those staying at the Embassy Suites, parking is availible at the hotel for $18-22/night and a free shuttle service is provided by the hotel to Vanderbilt University.

On-street parking: There is limited, metered, on-street parking on Garland Ave and 24th Ave S (free after 6 pm Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday).

Workshop Location

The workshop will be held in the Stevenson Center Teaching Lab, room 5119, part of the Vanderbilt University Campus. The Stevenson Center is an easy fifteen-minute walk from the Embassy Suites or five minutes from shuttle drop-off points. See the Vanderbilt Campus Maps for route. (The teaching lab is in "SC Science & Engineering")