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Topspin - FREE for academic use

It appears that Bruker has changed their way of packaging software and you now have to download it from their Website (Mar, 2019).

Before you can download the software, you'll have to register with Bruker to get the FREE license. Access the official Bruker site for registration, login and download here.

  • Login to your Account or Register for an Account (only e-mail inicating "edu" is required).
  • Under Free Academic license , download and install the desired TS version and follow the instructions given.

  • For more specifics on Supported Operation Systems see section 2.6 in Release Letter.

  • For hardware requirements see section 2.4 in Release Letter.

    Release Letter 4.0.5
    Release Letter 3.6.0
    Release Letter 3.5.6_7

    How to use Codemeter Licenses

  • Additional installation instructions can be found

    Additional Processing Software

    ACD Software (Vanderbilt University only)

    NUS Software (Vanderbilt University only)