Three Distinct Conformations Adopted by EF-Hand Domains

Three conformations of EF-hand domains: ribbon representations of apo and calcium-loaded calmodulin N-terminal domain and the C-terminal domain of myosin essential light chain are used to illustrate three of the known conformations of EF-hand domains. On the top left, apo CaM-N (pdb code=1CFC) is in the closed conformation. On the top right, calcium-loaded CaM-N (pdb code=1CLL) is in the closed conformation. On the bottom, the C-terminal domain of myosin ELC (pdb code=1WDC) is in the semi-open conformation (so far only observed experimentally in the C-terminal domains of myosin RLC and ELC). The proteins were rendered as ribbons usind the PDB_Ribbons module (M. Carson, A. Shah) for AVS (Upson et al, 1989).

This figure was used as a slide at the 1997 graduate student retreat.

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