Other Web-Based Resources Proteins Related to Calcium-Binding Proteins

sites about calcium and calcium-binding proteins in general
sites about S100 proteins in general
sites about BM-40/SPARC/osteonectin
sites about calbindin D(9k)
sites about calcium-dependent protein kinase from plants
sites about calcyclin
sites about calmodulin
sites about calretinin
sites about caltractin
sites about myosin
sites about parvalbumin
sites about recoverin
sites about S100C
sites about spectrin
sites about troponin C

Other Useful Web Resources

These are not exhaustive lists. Try the PDB's Molecular Biology Servers/Databases/Web Sites of Interest list or the Weizmann Institute's Guide to Science on the Web for more links.

Information about other proteins and protein families
Online databases providing structural, sequence, and genomic information
Online programs and tools for information retreival and structure and sequence analysis

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