Other Websites about Calmodulin

Entries in Online Databases
Calmodulin's entry in the protein survey at Duke University
Entry in the SCOP database about calmodulin
Calmodulin's entry in the Protein Motions Database
Entry about calmodulin and related proteins in the Homologous Structure Alignment Database

Individual Lab Pages, Web Posters, and Other Personal Pages
The role of calcium ions in calmodulin
Page from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory about new crystal forms of calmodulin
Page about calmodulin targets in yeast from the Davis Lab at the University of Washington
Home page for the laboratory of Dr. David Sacks at Harvard, with information about the role of calmodulin in several signal transduction pathways.
Description of research in the Waltho lab at the Sheffield NMR centre about protein-drug interactions in calmodulin
Description of research in the Theoretical Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on calmdoulin
Bryan Finn's web poster about NMR studies on calcium activation of calmodulin
Willy Wriggers' web poster about the structure and dynamics of calmodulin in solution
Page from a research group in the department of plant genetics at the Weizmann Institute about targets of calmodulin in plant cells
Information about the structural organization of rice calmodulin genes
Restriction fragment length polymorphism mapping of the calmodulin gene in Neurospora crassa
A "flicker book" movie of calmodulin's motions

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