AMBER Archive (2008)

Subject: AMBER: Back on track

From: Mike Summers (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 19:39:32 CST


I think we have finally figure out our sample prep problem. It had to do
with the temperature in the room, which affected the temperature of the
gels (we were getting great looking gels this summer but poor gels
this winter...we now get great gels when they are set up behind our
compute cluster at 90 degrees F). I'm expecting to begin collecting RDC
and RCSA data for our large RNA in a week or so.

As part our collaboration, would you be interested in doing the calculations
on our new low-latency Apple cluster? I'd like to set up an account for you,
which might make it easier for us to see what you are doing and for us to share
our files with you. I want to be able to tell HHMI that we are using
the computer they purchased. I'll set up directories for you that have
all the NOE and RDC restraints, converted cyana structures,
and .crd files, etc., which should speed things up for you. My computer
tech can install your latest (test) version of amber, or you can do
it yourself (or with him) if you wish. He is really and

Let me know if this is OK with you, and I'll get your account set up.




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