AMBER Archive (2007)

Subject: Re: AMBER: Machine environment to install AMBER 8

From: M. Maeda (
Date: Tue Aug 14 2007 - 03:54:03 CDT

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for rapid reply.

I did not define any configure option because the following description
I found in the head part of the ./configure file.

Usage: ./configure [flags] [compiler/architecture]

where <compiler/architecture> is one of:

absoft, compaqf90, efc7, hpf90, ifc7, ifort, ia64_ifort, pgf90, sgi_altix, sgi_mips, sparc, xlf90_aix, xlf90_suse.

If not specified then the compiler is guessed.

---- Above options seemed not to appropriate to our system. Are there any compile option to select? (maybe -gnucompat?)

With special thanks, Miki

At 10:28 07/08/14 +0200, you wrote: >Hi Miki, > >what configure options did you use and what does you config.h file look >like? > From the errors it looks like you are still trying to use the intel >compileers for which you have no license. > >Benjamin

_/_/_/ M. MAEDA _/_/_/ _/_/_/ _/_/_/

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