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Subject: RE: AMBER: Umbrella sampling

From: Atsutoshi Okabe (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2006 - 05:14:10 CDT

Dear Ilyas,

Thank you for your response.

Particularly, I want to fix center of mass of one benzene molecule and
center of mass another small molecule on z-axis. In addition, I want to
restraint benzene plane vertically against z-axis through simulation.
Can I do it with Amber ? If so, could you please tell me how to do ?


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Subject: Re: AMBER: Umbrella sampling

> And I want to fix this two molecule on one axis (eg, fix their centers of
> mass on y=0, z=0)
> How can I fix this two molecule on one axis with Amber program?
> I expect to give me any suggestions.

Check out the program 3DNA, if your molecule is composed of nucleic acids.

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