AMBER Archive (2006)

Subject: RE: AMBER: Problem with running xleap remotely

Date: Sat May 20 2006 - 15:43:53 CDT

The installation of Amber I'm using (Amber 8) is through

I have defined the path in my .login file as follows:

setenv PATH "${AMBERHOME}/exe:$PATH"

I am accessing this using the XWindows driver X-Win32. I have not had
running it in the past, so I assume that I have configured the SSH connection
correctly on my computer.

I am unsure of where the problem is coming from.


A. Heaton

Quoting Ross Walker <>:

>> I connect to
>> the server with tunneling on, however it gives me the following error:
>> _X11TransSocketINETConnect: Can't get address for localhost
>> Error: Can't open display: localhost:14.0
>> I ran other programs (Matlab, Firefox, etc.) from the server
>> to check the X11
>> tunneling, and they run just fine. Any suggestions on how to
>> fix this would be
>> useful.
> Where is the installation of Amber you are using on this machine?
> I just installed Amber9 in my home directory on marchingmen and I can run
> xleap over an ssh connection to marchingmen from SDSC fine. Check your
> .cshrc file to see if it is doing anything strange with exporting displays
> etc.
> Also how are you connecting to this machine? With ssh I assume. And you are
> using SSH tunnelling to export the display back to your machine? I.e. you
> are NOT doing setenv DISPLAY=blah blah blah?
> All the best
> Ross
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