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Subject: RE: AMBER: install error

From: Ross Walker (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2006 - 10:08:24 CST

Hi Rytis,

> ../../exe/sander: symbol lookup error: ../../exe/sander:
> undefined symbol:
> f_powdi
> ./Run.dmp: Program error
> make[1]: *** [test.sander.no_lmod] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/amber/amber-8/test'

A runtime error such as this suggests that you compiled with one compiler
and did not statically link but then when running your LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
PATH variables point to a different set of compiler libraries.

E.g. you compiled with ifort v9 but your .cshrc file is setting up your
environment for the v8 compiler.

Check LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH on your machines at runtime and check they
point to the correct place.

You could also recompile your code statically. That is add the -static
option to the configure script and then recompile amber. In this way you
won't have to worry about the wrong libraries being specified at runtime.

All the best

|\oss Walker

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