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Subject: Re: AMBER: Installation of AMBER8 on a PC with a Pentium EE type

From: Amber admin (
Date: Fri Jan 06 2006 - 15:36:19 CST


> We are planning on purchasing a PC computer with a
> 3.4 GHz Pentium Extreme Edition CPU
...ouch, "p4 extreme edition" CPUs as well as the Athlon 64 "FX" CPUs
are built for people who are willing to pay more than twice as much for
*maybe* 10% more performance. An (Austrian) example:
Pentium 4 dual core at 3.2 GHz: ~550 euros
your choice (dual core at 3.46 GHz, not even 10% more than the one above):
1025 euros.
Both might be cheaper in the US, but the ratio should be similar.
You'll probably never notice the speed difference between both, but
you could use the 500 euros (maybe ~550 to 600 USD) difference to buy
other nice things (or send me 250 and keep the other 250 :-)

> which is known to
> act as a quad P4 CPU at 3.4 GHz.
...Due to enabled hyperthreading, the CPU you want to buy *in some way*
acts -or rather appears- as quad P4 CPU, but is "only" roughly as fast as
a normal dual core CPU or a dual CPU system at the same clock speed.

Besides, current P4 CPU's seem to have a thermal problem (115 or even 130
Watts peak heat production).

Personally, I'd rather recommend an athlon 64 (or opteron) dual core
system at the moment.

> I was wondering if it would be possible to install
> AMBER8 on such a PC computer running under Linux SUSE
> 9.2. In other words, is AMBER8 compatible with Pentium
> EE CPUs?
...of course.
> If so, for what CPU type would I configure amber8
> before
> installation? would that be a usual p4 type
> configuration or something else?
...most probably the usual config. Maye there are compiler tweaks
that especially exploit the larger cache, but I don't know.

> Happy New Year,
To you and all others, too !

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