AMBER Archive (2004)

Subject: Re: AMBER: Problem with installing Amber8: Where are the MK libraries?

From: Andreas Svrcek-Seiler (
Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 12:42:35 CDT

> MKL_HOME is set to /opt/intel_fc_80:/opt/intel_fc_80
> MKL libraries were not found !
> export MKL_HOME=/opt/intel_fc_80
> export MKL_HOME=$MKL_HOME:/opt/intel_fc_80
> Is it that my MKL library doesn;t exist?
...the MKL library exist only if you have installed it,
it is not part of the compiler.
However, I just found out that recently the MKL library has
become available for free for non-commercial use (at last,
after all it helps them sell CPUs).
and follow the instructions

I hope that helps,
best regards
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