a map of Vanderbilt University Medical Center's
"Medical Center North" building, also known as
the old hospital.

Many years ago, wandering lost in one of the lower levels of the conglomerate of heterogeneous construction that is Medical Center North, I stumbled upon an information office. They took pity on my plight, and gave me one of their maps of the building.

This is by no means a good or pretty map, but it absolutely invaluable. I have treasured it for years, and I know that it has saved my life on several occasions.

Here, I offer it to you, with the hope that you can benefit from it as well. And if, someday, someone with a better map of the architectural monstrosity in question sees my page, then I hope they'll pass it on to me, and I'll make it available to all, impartially.

Note: This map doesn't show it, but our new building, MRB3, abuts MCN to the north, and in fact, envelops U corridor, or the Learned Labs building.

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created 2/28/02 by Jonathan Sheehan