Calcium-Loaded Calmodulin Complexed with a Myosin Light Chain Kinase Derived Peptide

This graphic shows calcium-loaded calmodulin complexed with a peptide derived from the calmodulin-binding site of chicken smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase. The observed portion of the peptide is 13 amino acids long. The strucutre shown is from Meador et al, PDB ID code 1CDL. The N-terminal domain of calmodulin is medium blue, the C-terminal domain is dark blue, the linker region is light blue, and the target peptide is red. The calcium ions are represented by yellow balls. The surface shown is a Connolly surface.

A modified version of this figure was used by Thermo Separation Products, part of ThermoQuest Corporation at Pittconn, in March, 1998.

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