Online Programs and Tools

Information Retreival
The National Center for Biotechnology's ENTREZ Browser, which allows searches of the PubMed (Medline) database, a compilation of protein and nucleotide sequences from the GenBank, EMPL, DDBJ, PIR, SWISS-PROT, PRF, and PDB databases, strucutral information from the PDB database, and genomic information from the NCBI's genome databases
The European Biotechnolgy Institutes's tools for searching databases of mutations in specific proteins
Cambridge Soft Corp.'s ChemBioFinder molecular search engine, which improves web searches for chemicals, and also provides basic chemical and physical information about the search compund
The Biochemistry Easy Search Tool, a searchable index of biochemsitry information on the web

Structure Analysis
An online version of ProCheck, which checks the stereochemical quality of structures available in the PDB
The Weizmann Institute's Hydrophilicity/Hydrophobicity Search and Comparison Server, which will generate the hydropathic profile of a protein, compare the profiles of two proteins, and search a library for proteins with a profile similar to that of the query protein
The DALI server for comparing 3-D strucutres
The OLDERADO database of ensemble representatives and domains, and NMR ensemble analysis tools

Sequence Analysis
The NCSA's Biology Workbench, an integrated environment for the analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequences, and protein structure
The National Center for Biotechnology Informations's WWW BLAST sequence similarity search tool allows searching of several online sequence databases
The COGNITOR, which allows comparison of a query sequence with the COG (Clusters of Orthologous Groups) Database, a database generated by comparing protein sequences in seven complete genomes
The European Biotechnology Institute's collection of tools for sequence similarity searches
The ORF Finder, which finds all open reading frames in a query sequence
Mike's JavaScripts to determine protein or DNA mass and extinction coefficient from sequence information
Human/Mouse Homology relationships, by chromosome

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