Online Databases

Structural Information
The PDB (Protein Data Bank) collection of three-dimensional strucutres
SCOP (strucutral classification of proteins), a database providing detailed descriptions of the strucutral and evolutionary relationships between all proteins with known structure
The Metalloprotein Database and Browser, a database with strucutral information about metal sites in proteins
A Library of Protein Family Cores, which are computed average structures for protein families
An atlas of protein topology cartoons. The site also contains tools for creating topology cartoons for new proteins
PROSITE, a dictionary of protein sites and patterns against which a the sequence of an uncharacterized protein can be compared to gain clues about the new protein's function
The FSSP (Fold classification based on Strucutre-Structure alignment of proteins) database

Sequence and Genome Information
GenBank database of genetic sequence information
The SWISS-PROT database of protein sequences
OMIM (Online Mendalian Inheritance in Man, a database of human genes and genetic disorders
The Weizmann Institute's GeneCards Database, with biological and medical information about all human genes that have an approved symbol
The Gene Map of the Human Genome, which allows browsing by chromosome
The SequAnalRef database of references about sequence analysis

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