Links to Other Websites about Calcium and Calcium-Binding Proteins

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list!
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Pages with information about calcium and calcium-binding proteins

Prosite's list of proteins containing EF hands
The entry in the Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) database about the EF-hand calcium-binding proteins superfamily.
Page with links to information about calcium and CaBPs in Drosophila. This page is part of a larger database about Drosophila called The Interactive Fly.
The entry in the Duke Protein Survey about calmdoulin. This contains some stats frm the crystal structure as well as other information.
Neuronal Calcium Sensors: A page with some information about calcium binding proteins specifically expressed in neurons in the central nervous system.
A page with some information about evolutionary relationships among EF-hand calcium-binding proteins.
The WebElements site's page about the element of calcium
A page with some information about calcium-- biological, chemical, and physical.

Pages of people, departments, and societies that study calcium-binding proteins

The European Calcium Society's website. They are sponsering The Sixth European Symposium on Calcium Binding Proteins in Normal and Transformed Cells
Home page for Home page for Walter Chazin's research group. Walter Chazin is a Professor and Director of Structural Biology at Vanderbilt University who studies EF-hand calcium-binding proteins using NMR techniques.
The department of Physical Chemistry 2 at Lund University in Sweden studies several CaBPs.
The website of The Institute for Medical Biochemistry and the University of Muenster has information about S100 proteins and annexins.
The website for Dr. Mitsu Ikura's lab, which studies the structure-function relationship in calcium-binding proteins and other proteins.
A page with information about Dr. Ernesto Carafoli's research interests, which include some calcium-binding proteins and many other areas realted to calcium in the cell.
Home page of John Putkey, a professor at the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center who studies the role of CaBPs in signal transduction.
Home page of Martin Werner Berchtold, a professor at Copenhagen University who studies EF-hand calcium-binding proteins.
The Joseph Falke Lab's Calcium Signaling/Metal Binding page.
Home page of A.S.N. Reddy, a professor at Colorado State Unviersity who studes CaM in plants.
Home page of John Roger, a professor at Cambridge who studies neuronal CaBPs (particularly calbindin D(28k) and calretinin).
Home page of Sylivia Christakos, a professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey who studies vitamin-D regulated calbindin D28k.
Home page of Danton H. O'Day, a professor at the University of Toronto who studies calmodulin binding proteins in Dictyostelium.
Home page of Donald K. Blumenthal, a professor at the University of Utah who studies CaM and MLCK and phosphorlyase kinase.
Home page of Claus W. Heizmann, a professor at the University of Zurich, Division of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry.

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