AMBER Archive (2009)

Subject: [AMBER] sleap and delete

From: FyD (
Date: Mon Jun 01 2009 - 02:35:32 CDT

Dear All,

I look at sleap there is a "delete" command in the list of plugins:

[fyd_at_lynx /usr/local/amber10_intel-10/src/gleap/plugins]$ ls delete.*
delete.cpp delete.hpp delete.o

It looks like it is even compiled. However, when I run the delete
command, the results is "command not found" (see below). Why ?
(delete.hpp not loaded in the Makefile ?)

Can we use this command to delete an atom ? It is want I would like to do.

Thanks, regards, Francois

[fyd_at_lynx Mol_m29]$ sleap
[gtkleap]$ T = loadpdb T.pdb
[gtkleap]$ desc T.1
A<CX1 1>
A<HX11 2>
A<HX12 3>
A<HX13 4>
[gtkleap]$ delete T.HX11
delete: command not found!

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