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Subject: [AMBER] Problems with PMEMD installation for AMBER10

From: German Erlenkamp (
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 07:40:56 CDT

Hi Amber-Users.

I'm trying to install PMEMD for AMBER10.
I made
        ./configure linux_em64t ifort lam

and the

        make install

When it comes to the part:

        /lib/cpp -traditional -P -I/cvos/shared/apps/amber/9/openmpi//include \
        -DDIRFRC_NOVEC -DFFTLOADBAL_2PROC pmemd.fpp pmemd.f90
        mpif90 -c -auto -xT -ip -O3 pmemd.f90

nothing more happen. The only way to stop this is to kill the process.

I used the same procedure for AMBER9 and it worked pretty well.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


German Erlenkamp
Institut fuer Pharmazeutische Chemie
Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle	
06120 Halle/ Saale

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