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Subject: Re: [AMBER] Testing parallel amber10: no

From: Atro Tossavainen (
Date: Wed Apr 08 2009 - 17:24:52 CDT

> /opt/intel/mkl/

I see at least two obvious typos and one small detail that is wrong
but might not have an effect at all. I hope you see them too.

I assume one of the directories above is where you would have the
library involved. Maybe you will double check anyway.

> icc -c -wd117,177,266,880,1011 -DBINTRAJ -DSTAND_ALONE nhash.c
> /usr/include/limits.h(125): catastrophic error: could not open source
> file "limits.h"
> # include_next <limits.h> ^

Googling for

icc catastrophic limits.h

takes me to

which has a solution at the end.

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