Diffraction Equipment

The facility possesses a state-of-the-art diffraction laboratory with a MetalJet X-ray source and a PHOTON II pixel array detector. The diffraction laboratory is located in room 862 RRB

Crystallization Equipment

The facility includes a crystal lab for viewing and recording crystallization experiments in Stevenson Center 2 room SC2537.
  • crystallization incubators maintained at a variety of temperatures
  • two Leica MZ12 microscopes with polarizer/analyzer; one with a CCD camera for photographing crystals.
  • Leica MZ6 microscope with polarizer/analyzer.
  • The crystal lab also provides a linux computer, X8R, for data processing using HKL2000.

    Pac-Van Robotic Crystallization Facility

    Located in the Iverson Laboratory on the 4th floor of the Preston Research Building, the Pac-Van facility is fully equipped for high-throughput crystallization experiments including remote access to images from the automated imager. The imager is equipped with UV lighting to allow for fluorescence of proteins to identify protein crystals in crystallization drops.
    • Mosquito Robot: Crystallization trial experiments can be performed quickly and efficiently in 96 well plates, using the Mosquito, a nanoliter dispensing high-throughput robot. The Mosquito robot is also capable of setting up lipidic cubic phase (LCP) crystallization trials.
    • Dragonfly Robot: The Dragonfly is capable of setting up a custom screen in 96 well plate using minimal amounts of stock solutions. The software includes a user-friendly application for designing custom screens. The screen can exported in a format suitable for the RockImager.
    • RockImager: This is a robust, easy-to-use, automated imaging system for protein crystallization.