• N-terminal 6xHis + SUMO tag; Ulp1 cleavable
  • Optional C-terminal HSV+6xHis tags; non-cleavable
  • pET27 derivative; Sumo tag from pSUMO
  • T7lac promoter
  • Kan resistant
  • 5' cloning site: BsaI
  • low copy
  • dna sequence
  • Tag cleavage with Ulp1 produces native protein
  • Cleavage rates with Ulp1 may vary depending on the identity of the first residue of the protein of interest
  • Ulp1 will not cleave if the first residue is a proline
  • MW of 6xHis + SUMO tag = 12.7 kDa
  • graphic map (Digestion with BsaI produces a sticky end as indicated by the purple triangles):

More information on how to clone into pBG104 can be downloaded here as a pdf file.