Genentech Vectors

These vectors were used to express eukaryotic integral membrane proteins in E. coli. They can also be used for expression of toxic proteins.

  • Ref: Kim, HS et al., "Translation levels control multi-spanning membrane protein expression," PLoS One. 2012;7(4):e35844.
  • pBR322 derived
  • Ampicillin resistant
  • Contain tRNAs for 3 rare E. coli codons (argU, glyT and pro2).
  • tphac promoter= λ to transcriptional terminator upstream of a phoA/lac promoter
    • Provides tight control of basal expression.
    • Induction requires both phosphate starvation and addition of IPTG.
  • Expression was done in host strain 58F3.
  • Note: Neither construct has been sequenced completely, but based on restriction digestion results, BamHI/NotI appear to be unique and can be used for sub-cloning. Alternatively, you can use SLIC cloning
  • pLEfR1FHrT