Duet Expression Vectors

All vectors contain 2 MCS each preceded by a T7lac promoter and rbs. Vectors can be used in combination to express more than 2 proteins. See the Novagen web site for further details.


Vector MCS1 Tag MCS2 Tag Resistance* Replicon Sequence
pCDFDuet-1 NT His6 None Strep/Spect CloDF13 genbank
pCOLADuet-1 NT His6 None Kan ColA genbank
pETDuet-1 NT His6 None Amp ColE1 genbank
pETDuetMOD1 NT His6, Tev cleavable None Amp ColE1 genbank
pETDuetMOD2 NT His6 NT His6, 3C cleavable Amp ColE1 genbank
pETDuetMOD3 NT His6, 3C cleavable None Amp ColE1 genbank
pRSFDuet-1 NT His6 None Kan RSF1030 genbank
pRSFDuetMOD1 NT His6, 3C cleavable None Kan RSF1030 genbank
*Amp=ampicillin; Kan=kanamycin; Spect=spectinomycin; Strep=streptomycin

Sequencing Primers: You cannot use the T7 universal forward primer for sequencing Duet vectors.

Name Use Sequence
Duetseq Forward, 1st MCS, pETDuet
(Binds further upstream than pET Upstream)
DuetDOWN1 Reverse, 1st MCS, all Duet vectors 5'-GATTATGCGGCCGTGTACAA
DuetUP2 Forward, 2nd MCS, all Duet vectors 5'-TTGTACACGGCCGCATAATC
pColaUP Forward, 1st MCS, pCDFDuet, pCOLADuet, pRSFDuet
(Identical to ACYCDuetUP1)
pET Upstream Forward, 1st MCS, pETDuet 5'-ATGCGTCCGGCGTAGA
T7Rev Reverse, 2nd MCS, all Duet vectors 5'-GCTAGTTATTGCTCAGCGGT