Instrumentation Core: Services and Fees

Vanderbilt researchers can apply for institutional funding to help pay for Core services. More information can be found at the StarBRITE website.
  • Required of all first time users
  • Must be completed before self-service access is granted
  • Covers basic operation of the instrument
Instrument Time:
  • Includes access to instrument and accessories as scheduled by user
  • Use of lab supplies
  • Short-term data file storage
  • Access to LAN and printer for report generation or file transfer
  • Basic operational assistance (initial set-up, instrument malfunction resolution)
  • Maintenance and repair of the instrument and accessories
Fees (effective 7/1/15):
  • Training:
    • CD, Fluorometer, ITC and DSC:     Included in flat day rate
    • DLS:    $64/hr (1/2 hr. minimum)

  • Instrument time:
    • CD, Flurometer, ITC and DSC:    Flat day rate $45.50
    • DLS:    Per sample rate $9.00

Additional Charges: Damage to equipment caused by user negligence or abuse will result in charges for replacement or repair costs as well revocation of access privileges.