DLS Guidelines

These are guidelines suggested by Wyatt Technologies. For more information, check out the Wyatt website.
Sample Preparation:
  • A concentration of 1mg/mL is an ideal starting point, but it is recommended to bring extra buffer along to dilute if needed.
  • Concentrations less than 1mg/mL may work, but would need to be tested on a case-by-case basis.
  • Samples can be run as-is (min. volume 5uL), centrifuged (min. volume 10uL), or filtered (min. volume 100uL).
  • A blank run is recommended if using a surfactant or glycerol.
Curvette options:
  • Disposable cuvettes are NOT included within the sample cost and must be purchased prior to training or running a sample. Cuvettes can be purchased via Email: orders@wyatt.com or Phone: (805)681-9009. They are used for dynamic light scattering ONLY and tolerate temperatures up to 80C. Minimum volume=5uL

    Product ID: WNDMC
    Product description: "NanoStar Disposable MicroCuvettes: Material: COC. Recommended minimum sample volume: 4μl. Package of 30 cuvettes with 3 caps"

  • Quartz cuvette is housed within the black box of supplies next to the instrument. It can be used for static OR dynamic light scattering. This is typically used when you have precious protein and/or organic solvents. It will tolerate temperatures >80C, however it is $2,500 replace. Minimum volume=1.25uL
Temperature control:
  • System can be heated to 150C. If you will be heating a sample add ~100uL of paraffin or silicon oil around the cuvette chimney to prevent sample evaporation.
  • Our system is not currently set up for runs below 20C. This would require a dry gas source (i.e. nitrogen).
Users Manuals: