Homolog Finder

for EF-Hand Calcium-Binding Proteins

This script finds the name and number of homologous residues. It is based on the main alignment.

Enter a residue number and choose a protein/domain from the menu. For CDPK and spectrin, you may enter the residue number in either the numbering of the main alignment or in the true number from the entact protein (these numbers are shown in parentheses in the alignment). Then select the other proteins/domains in which you want to know the homologous residues.

Find Homologs for:
Residue number in

In the following proteins:

all proteins in the alignment
all S100 proteins
all calmodulin-like proteins
all calpains
all other EF-hand proteins
calbindin D9K
calmodulin N domain
mu-calpain EF1-2
calmodulin C domain
mu-calpain EF3-4
caltractin N domain
mu-calpain EF5
calbindin D28K domain I
caltractin C domain
m-calpain EF1-2
calbindin D28K domain II
calgranulin C
troponin C N domain
m-calpain EF3-4
calbindin D28K domain III
troponin C C domain
m-calpain EF5
calretinin domain I
essential light chain N domain
n-calpain EF1-2
calretinin domain II
essential light chain C domain
n-calpain EF3-4
calretinin domain III
regulatory light chain N domain
n-calpain EF5
hippocalcin N domain
regulatory light chain C domain
calpain small subunit EF1-2
hippocalcin C domain
calmodulin- like protein N domain
calpain small subunit EF3-4
recoverin N domain
calmodulin- like protein C domain
calpain small subunit EF5
recoverin C domain
placental CaBP
CDPK N domain

calcineurin B N domain

CDPK C domain

calcineurin B C domain

squidulin N domain

sarcoplasmic CaBP N domain, amphioxous

squidulin C domain

sarcoplasmic CaBP C domain, amphioxous

sarcoplasmic CaBP N domain, nereis

sarcoplasmic CaBP C domain, nereis

BM-40/SPARC/ osteonectin

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