AMBER Archive (2008)

Subject: Re: AMBER: REDvIII_I_lack_of_charges_in_mol2

From: Karol Kaszuba (
Date: Sun Oct 19 2008 - 08:00:35 CDT


1) I was using RED vIII with the bugs. Right now I am doing a computation
again with
    corrected code - we will see.
2) Your number of MEP points might not go beyond the RESP limit....

  The esout_m1 contains:
  3421 7 8350100.9429592490

  a) If I understand well 3421 is a number of ESP(MEP) points?
  b) is it possible to compile RESP with bigger limit of MEP points?

3) I can run R.E.D. Server with R.E.D.-IV using your data ...
    Ok - thank you for your proposition - I will let you know about the
results on Monday.

Best regards,
Karol Kaszuba

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