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Subject: RE: AMBER: mulliken charges in QM/MM calculation

From: Ross Walker (
Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 03:44:00 CDT

Hi Florent,

> I am making QM/MM MD simulations with amber 9. I would like to know if
> it is possible to save, at each MD step, the Mulliken charges of the
> QM area? Any help will be appreciate.

See the printcharges option on page 151 of the amber 9 manual. This will
print the mulliken charges to the output file every ntpr steps. If you want
them on 'every' step then you will need to set ntpr=1. It should then be a
fairly simple matter to grep these out into a file you can plot for example.

Make sure you have applied bugfix.35
( (or preferably all the

Good luck,

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