AMBER Archive (2008)

Subject: Re: AMBER: fortran runtime error in "make test.serial" with gfortran

From: David A. Case (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2008 - 18:03:57 CDT

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008, Jaber Jahanbin Sardroodi wrote:

> I compile amber 9 successfully on FEDORA 9, with AMD phenom quadcore
> processor and gfortran compiler. However, when I run make test.serial for
> checking comilation, after some passed tests, It was stopped by the
> following error:
> ==============================================================
> cd rdc; ./Run.dip
> At line 848 of file _nmrcal.f (unit = 33, file = 'RST.allang')
> Fortran runtime error: Cannot match namelist object name
> ./Run.dip: Program error

Edit the RST.allang file (in $AMBERHOME/test/rdc) to change tabs to spaces.
Apparently, some version so of gfortran become confused when there are tabs
in namelists.

(Also note that you can just skip this test if you are not planning to carry
out NMR refinements with residual dipolar couplings.)

...good luck...dac

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