AMBER Archive (2008)

Subject: AMBER: xLeap unit editor "seg fault"

Date: Thu Apr 17 2008 - 00:49:01 CDT

  Dear AMBER team:

  I've just started running AMBER7 on a Linux machine, barely finished
installation, and
when I tried to follow the first tutorial (ploy-A-ploy-T decamer...) I
could only go as
far as the second line:

  I managed to create the pdb file, and to run xleap, getting the
results specified in
the tutorial. However, when I moved on to try to view the file using
"edit foo" (foo is
the suggested name for the unit) I got kicked out of xleap altogether, with a
"segmentation fault".

  Looking back at the e-mail reflector archive, the closest answer I
found to my problem
was at, talking
something about  "linking
problems" between the 32-bit AMBER program and the 64-bit X11 program.
I don't know too
much about this, and I'd rather not mess around too much, if it's at
all possible. Do you
have any suggestions?

  Thanks in advance,

Inon Sharony

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