AMBER Archive (2008)

Subject: Re: AMBER: Amber9 fails test.parallel

From: Mark Williamson (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 14:04:31 CST

Marc Cozzi wrote:
> rank 0 in job 12 caused collective abort of all
> ranks
> exit status of rank 0: return code 174

Does it fail on the same test every time? What is the topology of your
computer setup?

Off the top of my head, the SIGSEGV signal *could* be indicative of a
memory hardware problem. If this is failing at random points, I'd
suggest burning an image of memtest86+ ( ) to a
CD and then booting the machine in question from that CD. This will run
a series of memory tests on the machine and should give an indication if
there is a memory problem.


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