AMBER Archive (2006)

Subject: AMBER: RED - help with installation / config

From: Seth Lilavivat (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 09:18:49 CST

Dear Amber Community,

I am a novice Linux user running SuSE 10.1 on an AMD 64 and new to
RED/GAMESS/RESP when I perform the " ./configure
--prefix=/usr/local/tcltk/tcl835 " I get the following error:

   checking system version (for dynamic loading)... ./configure: line 6208:
   error near unexpected token `)'
   ./configure: line 6208: ` OSF*)'

Next problem: when I try and run RED w/o XRED my log file says:

   rungms [ NOT FOUND ]
   gamess.X?.x [ NOT FOUND ]

rungms does not seem to be located anywhere on the machine. gamess.01.1 is
located in the /usr/local/PC_GAMESS directory and I do have /usr/local/PC_GAMESS
in my path. How would I check to see if GAMESS is installed and operating

Georgia Institute of Technology
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