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Subject: Re: AMBER: How to make a movie with .crd files in VMD?

From: Nicolas Lux Fawzi (
Date: Sat Dec 16 2006 - 12:32:35 CST

I know this isn't the VMD list, but I've done this before with amber
mdcrd files ..............
In VMD, if you see the "movie" correctly in the VMD window when you
press play, then you should have all the frames necessary to make a
movie this way. But Make sure you select "trajectory" instead of
"rock" (or something like) in the Movie Maker "Movie Setting" menu as
the movie option. (rock will just rotate the molecule in one of the
frames, I think.)

On Dec 16, 2006, at 2:03 AM, bertrand russell wrote:

> Dear AMBER users,
> I am trying to make a movie in VMD using amber .crd files. I loaded
> the initial .pdb file. Then I followed the following commands. But my
> protein is moving randomly, I am sure that is not the movie what I am
> trying to make.
> >file > new molecule > i browsed and loaded the molecule
> >file > load data into molecule > I browsed and loaded the .crd file
> > extensions > visualization > movie maker
> I clicked the movie make button. I tried to make movie by changing the
> renderer settings and movie settings. But I am not getting any movie
> rather I am getting very random motion of my protein. While doing
> simulation I gave ntx=7 and my .crd file consists of 250 frames. Could
> anyone help me to make a movie with detailed description since this is
> the first time I am trying to make a movie.
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> --
> Live Life; Don't pass it
> Bertrand.P.S.Russell

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