AMBER Archive (2006)

Subject: AMBER: amber9 serial compile with pathscale on SuSe10.1/AMD64

From: In Hee Park (
Date: Fri Nov 24 2006 - 16:50:54 CST

Dear All,

Although there is a nice instruction for "Compiling Amber8 on AMD
Opteron Machines with Pathscale Comiler" on the amber website.
Unfortunately I cannot fully follow that instruction, because another
changes have been made since then from amber8 to current amber9. I did
bugfix patched and checked that $AMBERHOME/src/leap/src/leap/Make file
has corrected line: ../Xmu/libXmu.a -L$(XLIBS) -lXt -lXext .....

While I was trying to serial compile amber9(cd-rom version) with
bugfix.all patched up to now using pathscale2.5 compiler on AMD64
machine running on SuSe10.1-novell, I noticed that only 31 executables
were created out of 61 executables if successful compile completion. For
your information, here is a list for the created executables and missing
ones. Most of all, neither tleap nor xleap was created, so I really
would like to solve this compile problem.

created missing
======== ============
addles* am1bcc*
ambmask* ambpdb*
anal* amoeba_parm*
fantasian* antechamber*
gwh* atomtype*
lmodprmtop* bondtype*
makeCHIR_RST* charmmgen*
makeDIP_RST.protein* crdgrow*
makeDIST_RST* database*
makeSHF_RST* divcon** elsize** espgen*
new2oldparm* new_crd_to_dyn*
nmode* new_to_old_crd*
pbsa* nucgen*
pol_h* parmcal*
protonate* parmchk*
ptraj* prepgen*
rdparm* rdparm*
resp* README
sander* respgen*
sander.LES* teLeap*
sander.PIMD* tleap*
senergy* top2mol2*
sviol* translate*
sviol2* xaLeap*

I attached the compilation log file and config.h file, any help on this
issue would be appreciated!

In Hee Park

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